Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"aut viam inveniam aut faciam"

"I will either find a way or make one" 

I certainly tried to find a way to keep translating this amazing manga but looks like I won't make it so I think this is the last chapter of this series from us. any group that's interested in resuming it they're free to do so.

but still, we have the tendency of picking up dropped series again (we just love our projects <3 ) so I might resume it when I have time, certainly not in the next few months though. 

Ad Astra, Chapter 03: The Awakening of the Young Lion

See you after a few months. Everything's in limbo now. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Change D

I guess our fastest pace so far (5 releases per month) just came to an end and we're going back to our usual pace again :(
soon enough I'm gonna lose the NEET label and set my feet in the world again. 
I have no idea when or what the next release will be unless you stretch to us a helping hand. 

I already said in the last update that Ad Astra ch3 is finished but needs a translation re-check. Well, that still didn't happen so I'll try to wrap it up soon! 

I don't know if I shared this wallpaper before >_< it was on Seiketsu's official page on the magazine's website. 

amazing colors! <3

Monday, July 14, 2014

We're in a jam, all right!

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun, 

We really need an editor for this project.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ad Astra Ch2 VER.2

no big changes here just a fatal mistake! I'm kinda embarrassed. -_-

Publius Cornelius Scipio is the name of both father and son. to make the difference I added Africanus to young Scipio's name. Africanus is an appellation that young Scipio earned AFTER defeating Hannibal and I didn't know that until someone mentioned it in a comment. I'm grateful and I'll be more careful. 
Ad Astra chapter 3 is almost finished but I'll take more time to re-check everything! 
Tenshi chapter 5 was supposed to be released a few days ago but unfortunately we couldn't. hopefully, we will this weekend.

We need cleaners and translators and most importantly for now, an experienced proofreader to help me with Ad Astra

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Para Bellum

Prepare for war! 
Finally, Ad Astra chapter 2 is done. I wasn't planning on adding Historical Notes this time but I ended up making them in straight 3 hours yesterday night. Well, most of that time I was reading materials. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did working on it. We’re starting to witness the epicness of Hannibal and Scipio!

Next release will be Tenshi-chan, chapter 5. just few more days. 

A translator for Asahinagu and a cleaner for Tenshi-chan
that'd be cool! please apply if you wanna help! 

Thus Spoke Rebel:
I started reading otoyomegatari. I didn't have any trouble in my heart labeling it a masterpiece!!