Monday, May 27, 2013

Back to Translation

Finally, we're back to translating again. and 34-sai Mushoku-san is officially a new project. we wouldn't have planned to continue it given our unfavorable circumstances but it is short and manageable and most importantly, it meets our taste as a 'peculiar manga'. 

Some of you want Asahinagu. Well, we previously announced it as dropped you probably didn't see the post. so again, We really love Asahinagu but we can't manage a lot of series and for that,we can't pick it up again but we'll work on it again if we get more time but no promises. 

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Here are the expected upcoming releases:
34-sai Mushoku-san [Chapter 02]
Kumo no Graduale [Chapters 08-09]
Seiketsu no Haguruma [Chapter 13] 

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