Monday, May 26, 2014

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Finally, we finished chapter one of Ad Astra. (like Mokke and Graduale, it's also translated from French.) 

The making of 'Historical Notes'
I'm very interested in history so I really enjoyed working on this project. I also added a couple of extra pages containing historical notes which I really struggled in the process of making them. 
I wanted to include as many details as possible in these pages (that's the point of it after all) but the space wasn't enough for what I had in mind. I could have added more space (more than 2 pages) but I was afraid (and still is) that no one would bother to read that huge amount of text anyway which understandable. You're here for the manga not for a history lesson! >_< Well, I settled for two pages with minimal extra details despite the long text unfortunately, but I really hope these pages make even the tiniest bit of difference.
If I get good feedback for it, I will expand on them and create a separate batch (probably the size of a chapter) for each volume. 

I chose to quote historians and not write up a summary of their accounts myself because I'd sound like the manga's narrative (most definitely worse) and that is not the addition I wanted these pages to be. And after i finished making them, I realized that these pages can actually serve as a proof that the manga's really accurate. It wouldn't give the same effect if I wrote everything myself, would it?! 

Now that I'm done this chapter, I'll focus on cleaning/typesetting Tenshi-chan ch2. Hopefully, it'll be ready for release this weekend. 

Shoreijuu will proofread Mokke ch7 soon and then get to translate Seiketsu c26. expect Mokke in few days. 

Sorry about the long post. >_<



  1. I can't believe in my eyes!! Ad Astra!!!!!! I thought I would never read it due to the complexity. You're awesome!

  2. thanks!
    yeah i gotta say it's challenging and it's a great manga so i hope i'm doing at least good-enough job with the translation >_<
    enjoy the chapter.

  3. Wonderful job, I must say. I'm not a history expert, so your note was helpful! Thanks :)

  4. Thank you will you give this a check

    1. that's an interesting manhua! but unfortunately we only translate manga.

  5. thank you for the Wonderful translation of this great manga i really enjoyed the notes and hope you would continue adding the notes

    1. thanks for the feedback. we will.

  6. "If I get good feedback for it, I will expand on them and create a separate batch (probably the size of a chapter) for each volume."
    So we get 50-30+ pages of Historical Notes per volume? i am in!
    BTW i think that other than "Drop" this is the first manga i will be reading from this group, you are doing great work so far!

  7. oh Drop was the first manga i translated so it really sucked! hahaha
    50 pages is too much! maybe I can manage 25~30 pages.
    thank you for the feedback :)