Friday, May 27, 2016

The Sun Still Rises... every once in a while!

Mozuku, Walking!! 
Chapter 10: Stray Dalmatian

to answer few questions, I contacted FMPA's translator. chapter 5 will probably be released next week thus concluding volume 1. As for the next Tamami chapter, I don't think I can finish it anytime soon but I'm not closing the door on it. I also contacted Tenshi's translator and he's doing other stuff now so there won't be any releases. I'm currently working on Mokke chapter 15. (maybe I'll work on chapter 6 after that).

My priority is to complete Mokke. As I have said before, Manga Syndrome is to be considered closed but the fact remains that I can release one chapter of Mokke in a month or two. Maybe some other releases from other translators too but those are not my priority. 

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