Saturday, October 24, 2015

NEET mode 2.0: No Sugar In My Coffee

Kokushi Musou!! 
Chapter 20
sorry for the bad quality. within mag raw sometimes there are ones that are beyond my skills and patience. 
I decided to make a download page for Kokushi Musou!!. the archivers, such as myself, might be pleased. 

As for Tamami's Wishful Thinking, I said I don't think I'll continue it and I still think so but I won't close the door on it completely so it stays under on-hold category for now. it's a 3-volumes manga: not long but wordy and it's not that great of a manga to be honest. 
I bought the first volume based on the description. It's good but not a story I'd kill myself to translate! We'll see. 

Thus Spoke Rebel: 

My In-Limbo rubbish
In slumber we see the veils lifted
We see the sun being twisted
The darkness bleeds from within
Dark drops make lines so thin
Everybody thinks:
“It’s coffee! it’s friggin’ coffee!”
And the people rejoice
Then drink happily ever after.