Friday, May 1, 2015

Air of Triumph!

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun, chapter 12
What did I say just now?! 
This is now on hold until volume 3 raw is available. 

Mozuku, Walking! 
Chapter 00 to Chapter 02
a light side project. me and Shoreijuu made a promise to scanlate a cat manga (we're cat people...probably!) but since we're still looking for one, I thought a dog manga would be nice in the meantime (I'm sure that sounds weird if you're the type that thinks cat people don't like dogs) >_<
big thanks to Sohma Riku for letting us use her translation. 

the last chapter of Kumo no Graduale may take more time. I want to translate the postscript too. 
We're picking up Full Metal Panic! Another. not the genre we prefer but we'd like to work on as many chapters as we can before we quit. 



  1. Thanks a lot for the releases!! :)

  2. Thanks for the scans.

    There's a few small errors in the Tenshi chapter;

    page 163 (file 3) last panel, first bubble; "What if anything, does it..." Should be "What, if anything, does it..."

    page 176 (file 16) first panel, first bubble; has 2x text

    Same page, 5th panel, first bubble; "henches" to "henchmen" or "lackies"

    As well as a few other things.

  3. Still no raws for volume 3? :(

    1. we have the raw but no translator. even if the original translator decides to continue it, we're not sure we can find the time to consistently finish it. it'd be a chapter per 2 or 3 months.