Monday, February 6, 2012

♣ Eleven Soul Chapter 01 | joint with KakerA ♣

I’m really excited about Eleven Soul and also about the joint with KakerA. In fact, this chapter is being released one month earlier than planned thanks to KakerA’s hard work. J

In the mid 21st century, human civilization is in dire straits.
Gene technology had found a huge profits, and due to huge profits, research had accelerated accordingly. An “immortality” gene no longer seemed like a mere dream. However, a lab sample containing this gene escaped, creating a new life-form that took in genetic materials from the natural world, evolving into an enemy that begun to invade the human world.
The “Shaher” are now a force capable of defeating human military forces, and both the North and South American continents have fallen under their control. In Japan, the government has created and is working on improving a “samurai” unit to oppose the Shaher, utilizing soldiers enhanced with nano-machines to connect with an armored exoskeleton.
It is at this point that Tsukahara Takemichi is assigned to the first platoon of the “Samurai Force.”

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♣ Chapter 01 
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  1. Thank you so much for doing this. I've been buying this all along and making do with my own comprehension skills. I look forward to getting more from it.